Nonprofit Agency – Pro Bono and Volunteer Resources

Just as Donors contribute their time as Volunteers, nonprofits need to structure both long-term and temporary roles for Volunteers.

Leveraging project oriented, skill-based pro bono volunteers is an excellent way to expand your pool of resources by identifying and cultivating new relationships – Here are some possible opportunities to consider:

Information technology


Fund raising

Financial and legal assistance

Resulting in new candidates for board membership

Interesting Resources: offers annual weekend events in Atlanta, New York, Boston and Twin Cities where volunteers build/refresh websites for nonprofit organizations with annual operating budgets less than $3m.


Working with local business schools:

The Harvard Business School Community Action Partners (CAP) program offers annual (Oct-May) management consulting projects with volunteer teams of 6 consultants.  Boston-area agencies must have a minimum of five paid full-time staff and not be in crisis.  Applications due by June 1 each year.